Neal Byrne Jossen

Mentorat: Jacqueline Baum
Daniela Keiser

About my two artworks: «1000» and «beams»

Momentarily my art evolves within themes such as repetition, chance, simplicity and probably many more of which I am not yet conscious.
For my artwork entitled ì1000î I have chosen to repeat the same drawing (an underlined circle) one thousand times using the old ìonion skinî animation technique (drawing one layer after another, always starting off from the last drawing) to create a sequence running at twelve images per second, thus bringing a whole new perception of the drawings. What could have been perceived as flaws or mistakes from one drawing to the other now becomes the hole interest of the work. Combining repetition with rudimentary handmade drawing allows inexactitude, which is the core of this piece. These inexactitudes provide the animation with some sort of autonomy, I have cautiously drawn every frame, always trying my best to reproduce faithfully the last drawing, but in the end I have no control over what the sequence will look like. As if the artwork had been running its own course, independently from my own will.

For the second work, which is not yet titled, I used only two drawings to create an animated sequence. This sequence I now use as raw material, projecting it on pieces of architecture I find appealing. I like the simplicity of the action (laying a beamer on the ground and playing with the angle), an action I can reproduce in many different locations always resulting in something slightly different; repeatability and randomness. I also find interesting the idea of transforming radically a simple drawing into something animated that has the potential of modifying a hole space.

What brings the two works together in my opinion is their flowing, cyclic quality but also there tranquility. There's nothing to insistent about them and there is a nice ambivalence in the way you can stare indefinitely at them as well as you can just keep walking, barely noticing them, just like a fireplace or a fish tank.

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