Chun Yan Zhang Schmid

Mentors: Jacqueline Baum & Claus Noppeney

In 2007, I began to work with bathtubs. The use of bathtubs has been changed each time in my artistic arrangement. And each process of use gave importance to what I would approve or neglect. To work with bathtubs has actually become an essential part of my artistic work. As material as well as a goods, all related people and relevant processes involved profoundly influence my creativity and the processes of realization. At the same time this practice created sustainable kuo4 da4 dialogs. Four years of working with the same object can be considered as a research in different artistic contexts. It has developed impressively even more than exspected.

Therefore in order to zheng3 he2 guo4 qü4 shi3 yong4 bathtubs jing4 xing2 create suo3 de2 dao4 de1 experiences and neng2 gou4 better jie2 shi2 zhi4 qü4 xiang1 tou2 de1 people, share and discuss new activites, extend guang1 yu2 bathtubs de1 dialogs in the near future, I plan to build a bathtub-platform in the form of a website.
On this platform, visitors shall travel on a timeline starting in 2007 and leading up to the present. They will be guided through the artistic material included and experience the creation from its first idea to the final construction.

This platform, all ideas, drafts, thoughts, images, texts, projects realized or new proposal ideas must uniquely consist the daily object «Bathtub» or its all xiang1 guan1 de1.

This platform includes: Introduction, Idea & Draft Box, «Time Machine» document, «Face to Face» - «A.E.» document, «Trans­lation of Aesthetic Relation(s)» document, Proposal Box, Blog, Members, Contact.
The following context will be ordered in the categories mentioned above. Explanation will be give on the following content:

1. Why work with bathtubs?
2. What was my purpose and personal interests?
3. What work have I done so far?
4. What futur projects do I plan?
5. What is the use of the bathtub platform?
In this thesis I will draw a concept of an interactive virtual platform on the use of bathtubs. Starting from a bucolic picture in the f alps, leading to a comminication tool, to many other unusual, surprising and  unconventional forms of use.