Face to Face / Mian to Main


Idee/Konzept: Chun Yan Zhang, MA Art Education

Durchführung: FS 2011, Minor Y/Transdisziplinarität

Mentor/in HKB: Jacqueline Baum, Urs Gehbauer
Mentor: Massimilano Madonna

While art is limitless and open, all people or things involved by the art platform will be boundlessly transformed. Cultu- ral exchange will be presented in two bathtubs in a macros- copical way. From the view-point of its interior structure and traditional functions, following questions can be asked:

Question: What can two bathtubs do?
Answers: 1. It is a small space consisting of two parts. 2. Having a mute, quiet and isolated atmosphere.

Official Website: www.miantomain.net
Download: Poster