Neal Byrne Jossen

Mentorat: Michael Fluckiger, Andreas Schoon

A video game project in collaboration with the Bern University of the arts.

The Pitch

L.I.Z.A., a war machine from outer-space, crashes on an unknown planet.
Throughout her journey to the heart of this strange entity she will have to adapt to various given situations. Thus gradually losing her belligerent nature.

A Philosophical Tale

This whole adventure is an initiatory journey based on a reflection around speed, power and conditioned behaviours.
At first, the player will be put in a situation where he is reminded of some central codes of traditional gaming such as being focused and fast.
What he doesn’t know yet is that for most of the adventure these skills won’t be needed, or will even in some occasions prevent him from carrying his explorations further.
The player is expected to reclaim some sort of autonomy by breaking the logic the game was suggesting at first. He will have to slow down his pace, take his time. Hopefully he’ll eventually end up forgetting he’s playing a computer game and just enjoy his stroll in a poetic environment.

An Interactive Work Of Art

The development of a computer game involves various art forms such as graphic design, writing and sound editing, all made interactive.
The term video game is no longer sufficient to qualify what this archetype of mixed disciplines has become. That’s why I’d rather call this project an interactive work of art.

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