Reference to Reference#388475848-5


Sophia Fries

Mentorat: Roland Roos

Medium: Videoarbeit 7:53’

To: the audience of my presentation on September the 2th at 9:15 am (in Swiss time) in the Auditorium at Fellerstrasse 11, Bern.
I am writing in reference to this presentation I was obliged to hold today. Although I haven’t done anything, I will show you a film in a moment. There it is clearly visible that I haven’t done anything, especially doing a film about doing nothing.
I might have misunderstood the means of this presentation. Maybe it is nothing about showing finished work. You know, I’m not complaining about the general presentations standards. I really like to exchange thoughts.
I think I have to question this concept in order to free one up for discussion. It is the only way to get one to think about what exists in order to remain flexible in changing circumstances.