Neal Byrne Jossen

Mentorat: Jacqueline Baum und Daniela Keiser
Technik: Animation/Installation
Dimensionen: Veränderlich


Mountains / horizon / reflection
After trying to draw five hundred times the same drawing, I've created tree sequences running at different speeds.
For this particular installation I used two loops, the upper one running at fifteen frames per second and the lower one running at twelve frames per second. Although it might go unnoticed I believe it plays with our perception somehow, making the whole piece a little more dynamic.
The fact of not knowing for sure what result I'll have after spending so much time drawing still thrills me, I always look forward to discovering how chance has helped the work follow its own course.
I'm still pleased with the contrast created by the very rudimentary or primal animation technique combined with the use of beamers.
I also like the openness of the work, shapes are too minimal to be precisely identified but they still echo something familiar, something general and timeless.
Time takes a big part in my work, it's always there in one way or another, trough the whole creation process and in the impressions we get from looking at the exhibited work.
That piece here, I think, has us waiting for the perfect moment: when all the extremities meet. Although it never really happens we keep believing it might. Moments we hope for but never really can harness.