Bo Foff


Mentorat: Markus Weiss

Major Kunstvermittlung

My body is a sculpture of smooth skin pulled over straining muscles mimicking the nature that has been defeated. I am a product of a machine. I am an embryo of emotion. I am the pressure building up before the first summer storm and i am the feeling of light air after the rain. I am the heat of a processor, the beeping of a blood pressure monitor. I am a mushroom growing in a thick layer of moss touched by a single ray of sunlight shining through the foliage. I am condensed water on the petals of graveyard flowers. I am decomposing into life. I am dying to be born.

STITCHES is a wound closing in on itself.
STITCHES is cutting the cord.
STITCHES is pain. happines.
mourning and healing.
STITCHES is having a choice.