Translation of Aesthetic Relation(s)


Chun Yan Zhang

Mentor: Jacqueline Baum and Urs Gehbauer
Mentor(Expert): Marcel Wyler, Beratungen

(1) First meet with Mr. Marco Zbinden (representative of HGC Commerciale), photographed by Alejandra Beyeler me (participant, student from HKB), 3rd February 2012, Vidmarhallen.
(2) Platform & Art Installation, photographed by Alejandra Beyeler, 3rd February 2012, Vidmarhallen.
(3) Before the stage... Conversation with Mr. Alec Von Graffenried, photo shooting: Alejandra Beyeler (participant, student from HKB), 3rd February, Vidmarhallen.
(4) Recording - Conversation with Mr. Alec von Graffenried, photographed by Ida Sons, 3rd February 2012, Vidmarhallen.

Aesthetic Relation(s) in this project, from my personal point of view includes two main aspects: The way to realize the project and what are the contents in the process. Both aspects include: Communication during exchange, relevance between domains, method and strategy, transformation of roles, interactivity between people, transaction interactivity, dialogues, images (documentation of the process), systems within society, bartering of goods and time, etc.
The photo album as a documentation of the process uses the method of visual interpretation to summarize mesh relations between different fields. It functions as the result of my research as well as the beginning of my further develop- ment, which will focus on searching for and experimenting with new instruments and tools for people who will be interested in innovative models.

The initial point of the project is to present and represent the intertwinded relations between four individual fields, that are strongely related: artists, art works, economy and politics through a visual and artistic platform. A platform as well as an art installation will invite its creator, the artist, economists and politicians to sit together and be photographed. This photographic stage which is as well an an art piece which consists out off three standing bathtubs with sitting. The presence of a divers public is crucial to the project and therefore, the process of photo shooting will be in an open public space where wide audience can participate.

Because artists are as well as mediators of art and culture, their mission and responsibility is multifaceted. The artist is one of the most essential medium that spreads art and culture to wide public. Recently due to the transformation of their roles and identities, the function of contemporary artists could be considered as hybrid. Because they regularly transform their roles from artists to project managers as well as mediators from traditional independent practices to varied public communication. They become the leaders and the co-leaders in many fields.

The general method or strategy for realizing a project relates to the requirement of a social system which includes politic and economy as two self-contained parts. Both essential ele- ments can not deal without political and economical forms. Due to this cirumstance, the subtle relationship(s) between the process of a project, politics and economy cause(s) people with political or/and economical background turn into indirect cooperative participants. Nevertheless these identities prdetermine that they are the 'unsung heroes'. People from different fields and practices can come together to build a special 'Family Relationship' through a project.

The process structures the aesthetic relation(s) of family members. In order for translating and interpreting it, the participation to do a of family portrait is absolutely necessary for all members. Due to the characteristic of this concept, the location was chosen in Vidmarhal- len, Bern. As a center for cultural, educational and economical activities, it directly involves people from varied backgrounds. It has a variety of enterprises and cultural workers. It is known as a platform for economy, art and culture with countless opportunities for diverse partnerships in a win-win situation.

A 'Family Photo Album' will be printed with all necessary indications of the process the correspondence and conceptual thoughts.

Transformation of roles through the participation of the project:

1. Art project - Interactive transformation between exclusive and inclusive.
2. Artist - Creator, mediator, communicator, manager, participant, witness.
3. Politicians - Collaborative participants, implementers, witness.
4. Economists Ð Cooperative participants to collaborative participants, implementers, witness.

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